Removing Bridge to reuse in DS


My DS will be delivered next Monday, according to FedEx dancing-009_gif. Thanks to everybody at PSA for getting this out much sooner than I was originally told (2nd/3rd week of July) and for offering the tradeup from the PWD, without which I would have had to postpone getting the DS.

I have a Bridge in my PWD. I just updated the firmware to 2.15 in preparation for installing the Bridge in the DS, and that got me thinking. I’ve had experience with installing add-in cards in computers, where it took a bit of force to seat the contacts firmly and some determined wiggling to remove. Keep in mind that I am trading my PWD in, not going the kit route. If it were a kit, I’d have the cover off and could wiggle the Bridge from the sides. I’d prefer not to open the top, but am thinking that the Bridge may not want to come out easily. Removing the two screws and prying the cover plate with a screwdriver does not seem like a wise move. Has anybody done this? Any suggestions from folks at PSA? Thanks!


I have removed and reseated the Bridge in my PWD several times. I have never had any difficulty removing or reinstalling it. Simply remove the two retaining screws and wiggle (the card) a bit as necessary. Mine cimes out with no prying necessary, just fingernails hooked over the edges of the cover.



Thanks, J.P. That’s reassuring. My Bridge was in the PWD when I bought it and has never been out, so we just hope it’s not frozen.

magister said Thanks, J.P. That's reassuring. My Bridge was in the PWD when I bought it and has never been out, so we just hope it's not frozen.
It should just pop out. the only thing holding it in are the contacts on the edge connector (OK, that was probably WAY too much information than you needed) so just remove the screws, put your fingernail behind the Bridge flange and just pull it out.