Getting DS to Find Bridge


Just moved the Bridge card from a PWD II to a DS. Inserted the Bridge update 2.15 card and turned on the DS. After initialization, it did not switch to dealing with the Bridge, as I thought it was supposed to. So chose Home, Bridge, update Bridge. That returned “Finding Bridge,” which is where it’s been for the last couple of hours. In terms of cabling, I’ve got an ethernet cable running to the unit from a cable modem via a router (just like my computer) and a USB cable in the main USB slot (not the Bridge’s). Obviously, something’s not linking right. What am I missing? Thanks,


You should update the Bridge to 2.15 in the PWD before moving the card to the DS. If this is no longer possible, I believe PSA has a work-around. Also, the Bridge is not updated using the SD card that goes in the PWD or DS, that’s for PWD or DS firmware. Instructions are here:


Thanks. After posting, I decided to do the obvious and push the Bridge button on the remote, and there it was. With a little adjustment to Windows Sound (Wavestream) and foobar output (UPnP), it was playing - and sounding good. That is, until I change the volume level with the remote, then a second or two later it switches to I2S (but not if I leave the volume alone). That switch happens whether or not anything’s playing at the moment. When I switch back to Bridge it doesn’t miss a beat. So obviously something isn’t right, presumably in the Bridge firmware.

I don’t recall when the 2.15 Bridge update came out, but if it was in the last few months I probably already installed it in the PWD - or the previous owner did. But in the Home screen now, Bridge version shows as 0.0.0. I could pull it and do the update in the PWD, if that’s really the problem or the best way to do it now.

I had been looking at those How to update Bridge instructions, but at least with the first alternative I’m not getting the new page called “Bridge Setup.” Rather, pushing “Update Bridge” on the home screen gets “Finding Bridge,” which runs on and on.


It’s possible something got corrupted. You might try reinstalling the firmware in the PWD, and possibly going back to an earlier version and then to 2.15 before putting it back in the DS. Others might have additional suggestions.


Getting stranger… I swapped the Bridge back into the PWD and inserted the card with the 2.15.ub folder (folder with unzipped file). On startup there was no blinking, which is supposed to happen to indicate the update is being read in, I think. Then I connected an ethernet cable from the router, chose Bridge on the remote, and the screen network connected. From there, Home to go to the Input list, which shows the middle item as PerfectWave Dac0 and I2s as input. Flipping through the input list, there’s no Bridge listed. And all the green buttons show editing not anything suggesting installation. So why wouldn’t Bridge be there? I haven’t used the Bridge for a few months, but it was working. Without it, of course, there’s no way to check if an update is needed, per step 11 in the Bridge Quick-Start Guide.


I think there may some confusion. The Bridge is updated from a USB stick or via the web interface, not from an SD card (unless you typed “card” by mistake for “USB stick”).


On the PWD screen and elsewhere the Bridge may be called something like PerfectWave Dac #. Don’t expect to see “Bridge.” Follow the instructions linked above for updating the Bridge either over the internet (you need to get the Bridge’s IP and put that into your browser) or USB stick.


Yes, confusion because as far as I can tell there’s no mention of updating the Bridge with USB until the web page that comes up after entering the Bridge’s IP address; the photo in the manual is of an SD card. There’s a number of details on the site and in the manuals that need updating. In any case, I used USB update with the PWD and can’t double check now on the DS because the IP address page seems to be down.

That gets me to Wavestream. Dennis says I’ve got it installed improperly and in the wrong folder - mine = Program Files (x86)PS Audio vs. Program FilesPS AudioWavestream. Not sure it really matters, but where do others with a Windows computer have it?

I like the sound of Wavestream vs. a good USB cable with the DS, much better than I did with the PWD. But now I recall the functional problem I ran into with the Bridge/Wavestream: all web and media player video has a several second audio delay. According to Dennis, that’s the way Wavestream is programmed. Unless there’s a fix floating around, what I need to figure out is a quick way to switch between modes. Anyone come up with anything? In that regard, I’m not finding it clear what clicking the “Turn off Wavestream” button actually does. If audio is playing, it stops, but start up what was playing again and there’s sound, overriding the “turn off.” Which means when nothing is playing, it’s hard to tell what effect clicking the “turn off” has, if any. Thanks,