Bridge and DS


I bought a brand new DS and plugged my bridge in it (firmware older than 2.15 sicne it was i my previous MKII). I could see it. I also played some music it worked … And i saw the firmware update button activated.

–> I pressed it for upgrading to 2.15. … It made the DS rebooting and since then i cannot see the bridge anymore. The DS works fine but no bridge at all

–> Also, I cannot access the bridge through the Network. I mean i see it with its IP adress, but when i try to access it with my bowser nothing happen. so i cannot launch the web upgrade.

–> Last, i tried the Rescue.ub stuff with a 2GB USB key as specified, i did exactly what was asked in the pdf to rescue the Bridge. Nada … Nothing happened … I’m still Bridgeless

Someone could help me please :cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon_gif?

Thank you sorry-smiley-emoticon_gif

IIRC for the Bridge to work correctly in a DS it needed to be updated to the current DS compatible firmware Before being installed in the DS. I think if you do some searches here you should find info regarding that. Also I’m sure others will chime in, and of course you can call PSA tomorrow.

Sounds like a “how to” for doing a reset and firmware update on the Bridge could help a lot of people. There has been a flurry of Bridge losses in the past few days with DS owners.

if there is any way to recover a “healthy” Bridge that is off line or for anyone installing a “used” one with a previous firmware into a DS, then perhaps Dennis could map out a procedure for us?

There was one in the FAQ section, but it is now gone. I’ll see if I can find it or write it again.



Was this the one?

If not, just delete my post.

  1. Get a 2 gig USB drive (must be 2 gig)
  2. Format the USB stick FAT-16 (must be FAT-16).
  3. Download
  4. Unzip to FAT-16 formatted USB drive.
  5. Power off DS DAC.
  6. Insert USB stick into USB port on the bridge.
  7. Power on DS DAC.
  8. Wait at least 30 minutes.
  9. Remove USB drive
  10. Power cycle DS DAC.
  11. Bridge should show up.

Yes it it.


I followed that “how to” several times with no result. Bridge is still gone.

BTW, the same “how to” comes as a text file within the folder if you download the .ub-file.

If that does not work there is another issue on the bridge causing it not to work, not a corruptded flash.


I did it, and you know what ? the bridge did’nt appear :)

It still exists in the dowload section (the explanation in the .txt file provided with the recsue soft. But i noticed it is Rescue not RescueDS, But the Dowload section says Rescue for D.S. Anyway this is what i did and didn’t work.

I tried to replug it in my previous MKII, Bridge doesn’t appear, no update possible.

I called a PSAUDIO expert, he suggested me to send back my bridge. Memory probably corrupted linked to the failed update process, i mention.

My bridge is on its way to boulder through my reseller, let see :)

Finally, I got my bridge back! Here’s what I did: first of all (after severals tries with the recovery stick, installing another FW version with or without the bridge in the back of the DS) i took the bridge to my friend and switched it into his PWD. No bridge at all! After that attempt, we put his bridge in again…now this one also was gone! No connection, even the bridge input wasn’t on the screen any longer.

the next day I asked my friend, if he succeeded in getting back his bridge, and yes, he did. The trick was to use the recovery stick without the network cable attached to the bridge. I immediately did the same with my bridge and the DS. And this time it worked!

now I wanted it all and fiddled around with different server and iPad apps. Finally I came to a stable and convenient solution, which I’m happy to share with you.

first of all I wanted my netbook out of the chain. Therefor I’ve installed minimserver on my Qnap NAS. Unfortunately neither mconnectHD, nor 8player worked stable. MconnectHD had no stable connection with minimserver and 8player is not very convenient.

flipping through several forums I found a solution to use the bride as an open home device. You only have to install bubbleUpnpserver on the NAS. That “wraps” an open home mask around the Upnp server of the bride. Now it can be accessed either by the Lumin or the LightningDS app. Still there is no gapless option, since the bridge is not capable of that service. But everything else works stable and can be controlled very easily via iPad.

so if the new bridge isn’t open home compatible by itself, the bubble thing will help me out. The only thing I really ask of the new bridge is gapless playback and the option to install wimp ( now called tidal) on it like it is possible with the Sonos or the Aries. If this works, I’m one of the first customers for that bridge. Because the SQ via the bridge is, at least to my ears in my setup, superior over all other inputs.

Of course the new Bridge is gapless. We are working with the people at Tidal. I can’t say that’s going to happen because it may be more a matter of the controller server options than the Bridge itself. We shall see.

What I can tell you is we received 45 of Bridge II in to the office. Next week I am starting extensive tests to see how it works. If it lives up to my expectations we’ll be gathering a group of Community Leaders, first, then a select group of customers second. The aim will be extensive testing. If you’re interested in being part of the testing drop me a note via email.

This is the DS internal version of the Bridge2 I suppose?

Is there a timeline for the external version?

Did I miss something? Never heard about an external bridge from PSA. On the one hand that would make sense if PSA sees a market for a stand alone bridge which can be used with any DAC. But to me the integrated version makes a lot more sense for all PSA DAC owners, since this gives you access to the internal I2S connection and doesn’t need additional power supply. Not to mention the cost of the case, which might be a four digit thing if you want something as solid as the PWD/DS case.

This is the new internal one and yes, we’re working also on an external one we refer to as a Bridge in a box - although likely we’ll call it something else when it launches. No dates for the external one.

I like BIB, bridge in a box.

Can’t wait for bridge V2.0!! I’ve enjoyed my bridge V1.0 immensely; however, I’m ready for gapless!!

Hi Paul,

I have been a PS Audio user for 2 years now and I am very interested in being part of the Bridge II testing !



So…the bottom line seems to be that despite what it says on the product “ad” page:

The PerfectWave Bridge and DirectStream or PerfectWave DAC combo will change everything in your system and allow you to build a musical library your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.

the DS DAC and Bridge are a combo that is not ready for prime time. I am a music guy not a computer guy, and while I love the sound my PerfectWave makes and will seriously consider the upgrade SOMEDAY, the idea that I would have to go through the computer learning curve described in posts above just to MAYBE get the bridge to work on $6,000 product is a joke. Maybe the Bridge II will do that, and maybe the cost to upgrade won’t be as breathtaking, but right now I’m not ready to choose between the Bridge OR the DS.