Replacement external USB DVD ROM

Hi folks - can anyone recommend a currently available USB CDROM drive (and possibly DVDROM) for CD audio extraction please?
A few on Amazon but no real data on their efficacy for ripping.
My current drive has been brilliant but has started throwing errors when ripping now, and is many years old…

Note I’m in the UK if that makes a difference to availability :slight_smile:

Tried to find Teac or Toshiba, but could not. Hitachi-LG seem to have one on Amazon UK for £25.98. You probably have to damp it with some sort of weight when ripping.

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I needed to upgrade my optical drive a year or so ago and ended up going for an ASUS external USB unit (

It appears to be available on Amazon AU so probably available in the UK but you’d perhaps get a better deal at your local PC parts store. I found that Exact Audio Copy (EAC) calibrated to it well.