Replacement Tubes

Maybe it’s just me…I no longer see replacement tubes on the PSA website for M12000s. I purchased 2 sets for my LCR M1200s out of the Russia scare, but ultimately if tube support is going to drop off I may be better off unloading them now. Thoughts?

You can buy replacement tubes from many reputable dealers relax.


No need for anything as draconian as selling your equipment. In the wake of the short lived embargo on Russian tubes, Chicken Little mentality took control of tube loving audiophiles minds and vacuum tube vendors were overwhelmed with demand. PS Audio had to stop selling tubes temporarily to make sure they had enough on hand to cover their new equipment manufacturing needs. Tubes are shipping again from Russian manufacturers and even if they should go off market again in the future it’s pretty certain that eventually manufacturing in China and eastern Europe will ramp up to cover the demand. As Dawkinsj said, there are replacement tubes available now from other reputable vendors.


I recall reading that PS Audio will sell replacement tubes if you contact them and give them the serial number of your unit.

The Russian tube manufacturer is actually an American company

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