Replacing DSD Junior

I have heard from PS Audio Service that my DSD Jr is not repairable.

I can get a good deal on a DSD Sr w/Bridge 2, but it’s pretty old at this point.

Any (hopefully informed) opinions, recommendations, suggestion for a replacement?

  • I’d much prefer onboard streaming from Ethernet; I don’t need no more boxes!
  • MQA is a consideration, but I’ve mostly listened to Qobuz high-res and tempted to cancel Tidal
  • I’d like it to be as good sounding as Jr (R.I.P.); I liked him very much.

Thanks in advance and happy listening!

If you have the Jr. now, I’d hold onto that puppy and wait until we release the MKII. We’re going to offer great trade-in pricing for both the Jr. and Sr.

The MKII won’t have the Bridge onboard, but the Airlens is expected to support MQA and I think it’s a great looking box with a pretty small footprint.

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Actually you have the Jr.! (It’s in Boulder.)

I’d like to avoid a second box, and I imagine that no matter the trade-in, the DS Mk II + Airlens = $8,000 or more. Am I close?

Thanks, Jamesh!
Chris Valle

Because we already have it and we’re not able to repair it, I think you and I will be able to work something out better.


Let me know what you’re thinking. FYI, I am streaming on Tidal over my Oppo player, and it’s not great!

Close enough ! $$$$

Pricing hasn’t been set for the MKII or the Airlens so I can’t give any numbers quite yet but we can definitely be in touch on that.