A request for Powerplant feature

@Paul, would it be possible to have the P20, 15, etc not automatically cycle the outlet groups on if it is powered up from the back panel? Or, if that’s not possible, could it (when powered up from the back) cycle the groups to how they are programmed? I have three groups that are staggered in their times to come on. Works great when cycled by the front blue button. Back panel toggle on seems to ignore these settings. Thanks.

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Hey @tony22!

I’ll get this request over to the engineering team, but in the meantime - I think I have a way to solve this.

The PowerPlants will boot up into the last state that it was in when turned off from rear. So, if you want the rear switch to act like a standby startup, simply put the unit into standby, THEN turn off the rear switch.

Give that a shot and I’ll try to keep you updated if/when we implement the rear switch to follow the same procedure as standby wakeup. Thanks!

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Thanks! Although please see if the team can also have it maintain its setting in the case of a power interruption.

It’s on their list now :slight_smile:

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