Restart loading USB 1.0 driver?


I’ve encountered a rather strange issue, lately.

I usually leave my system on 24x7, except when traveling or when thunderstorms are close by. Such has been the case.

Recently, when I restart my (Mojo modified) Mac Mini and try to play via the PS Audio USB output*, I’ll find that there’s no output at all. When I check the Sound panel on the Mac, it shows the driver as “PS Audio USB Audio 1.0 Output,” instead of PS Audio USB Audio 2.0 Output."

After the required freak-out over not having sound coming out, I can restart the Mini and it loads the correct driver… I think… 'cause I also tend to restart the DS DAC.

This seems to be a recent phenomenon and it’s certainly not a desperate situation (as long as the correct driver keeps loading on restart.) But, can anyone venture a guess as to why this is happening and how to avoid it?

  • Sometimes I play from Roon Remote > Roon Server > HQPlayer which uses the PS Audio driver. Other times, without Roon I’ll use iTunes/PureMusic using the ChannelD driver.




No thoughts on where this driver might be coming from, or why is sometimes loads at startup?

The “computer” based file server for source material approach has definitely been a love hate relationship for me.

I can say that all of the glitches that I have encountered are non-DS related.

While our digital audio components seem to just operate flawlessly being powered up 24/7 ( for the most part ), computer related components seem to operate most efficiently when “re-booted” on a regular basis.

I prefer to never power down the DS, but the rest of the system seems to benefit from a “rest” from time to time.

Specifically my Bryston BDP-1 with respect to MPad control working.

I can only guess that some 1’s or 0’s got lost along their way?

Or maybe the Mini needs to boot before the DS is powered up to recognize it correctly?

Given that my Bryston BDP-2 paired with a Windows based interface is rock solid for weeks on end, I suspect the iThing.

Thanks Elk and MrDerrick. I’ll continue to look into it.

Please let us know what you conclude/learn.