Revision History for PWT FW?

I have an early PWT and I stopped thinking about firmware around version 1.17. I could just go ahead and upgrade blind to 1.23 but I’d really like to know what I can expect to be changed, especially if there are any actual enhancements (as opposed to simple bug fixes.)

I assume that all versions of the firmware are compatible with all vintages of PWT.

Thanks, Steve

Welcome, Steve!

1.23 only adds the ability for PS Audio to use a new type of display. There is no benefit for those of us that have an older PWT to update.

Elk, thanks for the reply, but I knew about 1.23 from another thread. But what about 1.18 thru 1.22?

Thanks again, Steve

Sorry, you asked about 1.23. :slight_smile:

I do not recall. While I have a large collection of PS Audio firmware updates, my documentation is poor.

I was attempting to ask about going from 1.17 to 1.23. I can’t imagine that wouldn’t include all the changes since 1.17. Anybody remember anything generally desirable happening with those upgrades (i.e., new capabilities or sonic improvements), or was it all just bug fixes?

Thanks, Steve

Bumping Steveoknox’ posting as I would like to find out this info as well. I would also like to find out the same info about my PWD. Is there a repository of this info somewhere.



As it turned out, the 1.22 download included a PDF revision history. Don’t know when this started; the 1.17 and older packages I had didn’t have it.

Hope this is something they’ll continue to do for all their products with downloadable updates.