PWT software changes

Does anyone know of any software/firmware upgrades? I have one of the early players.

At the top of the forum page, go to Resources --> Downloads and see what’s there.

What’s new in 1.24?

My guess is it has something to do with Ethernet connection and saving CD info. They are about to launch alpha testing on the new Octave player’s interface or something.

I did the upgrade, it is really easy if you if have a SD card slot or adaptor.

I don’t have the Ethernet hooked up, as I prefer seeing the big track numbers. All the info is on the CD jewel case.

Although I may be wrong, you could email or message customer service. If you find out, please post.

I’d also like to know what’s new in the 1.24 firmware update!

Bug fixes and, in particular, it eliminates the possibility of the occasional white stripe that can appear on some displays/