PWT Hardware Changes


Does anyone know about relevant hardware changes that have been made during the relatively long manufacturing life of the PWT? There are quite a few PWT appearing on the used market as people move toward server based playback. I am looking to purchase a replacement for a Levinson 37 CD transport that died and is not cost effective to repair. I no longer work in the hifi industry and while I would love to purchase a new PWT finances would not allow it. As an engineer, the concept of playback that the PWT uses seems to be the most logical. I don’t want to get in the same situation as the Levinson where a very expensive CD mechanism becomes unobtainable.


One of which I’m aware is that the earliest units have a small hole in the case directly under the disc tray to allow for manual tray ejection.

As I recall, the infrared remote pickup was altered in the DS case to improve reception when you’re not standing directly in front of the unit. I don’t know if that modification made it to the later PWT cases.


Thanks for the info Peanut Butter.

I was wondering if there were any changes along the way like different power supply, digital output topology, etc.



I am unaware of any changes as you describe, but this does not mean there were none. :slight_smile:

The drive is an Asus DVD drive with custom firmware which allows 1x read speed. I am certain PS Audio will sell you one of you want a back up.

Vague memory from reading this forum for some years: As I understand they changed the drive interface from PATA/IDE to SATA. This almost certainly involved a redesign of the drive interface section of the board. What else was tweaked in this board spin is only known to PS Audio, although Paul may give us a bit more info if this thread gets his attention.