Rhino reissues really needs a copy editor

“Visions of angles!
Complementary, acute, right…
Obtuse, straight and reflex…
Polar, radians, Cartesian…”

[This is from the inner album cover of “Trespass” by Genesis and should be “Visions of Angels”. The music still rocks though. Although Phil Collins is a FAR superior drummer to John Mayhew]


How do the Genesis reissues sound? I have a copy of Trespass that I purchased back in the 80s. Always sounded a bit muffled but the music is still great.

Ha! That’s funny.

They’re remixes, so in places they sound VERY different. But the sound is clean and crisp. For example. I listened to Duke yesterday in addition to Trespass. On “Guide Vocal”, Phil is WAY in the front of the mix. Right up in the center and in your face. They made changes to reflect how they THINK it should have sounded that are well-accomplished, but they’re different. Sometimes you’ll hear something and go “WHAT WAS THAT??” and turn back to the original to see what changed.

I like them. Just know they’ll be a series of discoveries.



“Visions of Angles”

Reminds me of my nightmares the nights before Geometry mid-terms and finals…