Genesis Atlantic 75 releases begin

Welp, gosh darnit, there’s another $100. Music Direct just listed “Selling England by the Pound” from Analogue Productions from the ORIGINAL masters. As in not the remixes (one hopes). SACD and 45 RPM LPs.

I mean, it IS my favorite Genesis record (non-live), but how many times will I be asked to buy it?

(Yes, yes, I know, nobody’s MAKING me get it. And yes, yes, I preordered it already.)



As long as it makes you happy Mike, that’s all that matters.



You are not alone my friend. I have Selling England on pre-order.
And The Lamb!

This will be my first purchase of these titles on vinyl :slightly_smiling_face:


Now, if Peter Gabriel would just release the chuffin’ i/o album, already… my life would be complete.

Yeah. I recognize I grouse far too much. Sorry. I’m genuinely pleased with the release; it’s a kind of tired resignation that everything can always get better and the better comes with a bill.


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Well, poop. Analogue is reissuing most of the Genesis catalogue on both 45 rpm vinyl and SACD. The Lamb at $120 for vinyl is…pricey. That’s more than I paid for my One Step Nightfly.

I’m taking the leap on SEbtP to see what version it actually uses. Original mix? Remix? Definitive Edition Master? WHAT IS THE PROVENANCE??? (Sorry to yell).

I have ALL the box sets and managed to also assemble a complete collection of the SACDs associated with them, with the notable exception of the Lamb (which I have on the USA DVD version for 5.1) and the SACD bonus discs. I also have the previous “Definitive Edition Remaster” collection from the 90s. I gave away my original CD releases when the Definitive came out because they were “Definitive”. So I’ll probably buy Lamb on SACD when it comes out. I also got a copy of SEbtP on BluRay because it was issued that way too, but it appears that it was a counterfeit copy.

It’s getting to be like DSotM at this point with the sheer number of versions out there.


Let us know of your impressions of the new reissue.

Oh, absolutely.

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I’ll probably buy Abacab and the self-titled on vinyl; I think my current versions are my originals bought when they were released. They’re…well, they suffer from the quarter-on-the-headshell player I had as a teen. They’re well loved. We’ll just say that.


“Honey, I know I said my stereo was great, but the guys on the audio board want my impressions of the new Genesis releases and I can’t let them down. I just need a new phono stage and that Stellar Gold pre-amplifier. And the M1200s maybe. For the guys. They’re DEPENDING on me.”


My OG Selling England for a Pound, and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway still hold up nicely. My early LPs were played once to transfer to cassette and then stored, so most sound as new.


Both Genesis and Abacab were bought in probably 1984 or so when I had a Soundesign all-in-one that I bought from the local Zayre’s with my 8th grade graduation money. It had no turntable adjustment so it was terrible. They’re the thinnest possible vinyl. And they got played A LOT. The CDs came out, so I didn’t get any more Genesis on LP until I was old.

My vintage Fleetwood Mac records fared better. Fortunately I didn’t listen to Tusk much so my copy is almost new.

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What are you running currently for LP playback? At the moment I’m listening to my analog rig: VPI Prime/Ortofon Quintet Black into an Audible Illusions Modulus 3a with John Curl MC section. Amplification is a conrad-johnson premier 11a into Genesis V. The Genesis 5 have a dedicated bass servo amp at 400 wpc. Wires are all Nirvana.

The Ortofon is probably the limiting factor, it replaced a Ortofon Cadenza Black that met with an early demise.

I have a Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable with an Ortofon MM Bronze through a NuWave Phono into my SGCD and M700s.

It’s not up to your system, but it works.



It’s modest. I bought the Pioneer before Technics had re-released their new tables. I always wanted a direct drive despite all the issues they have. Reichert reviewed it very favorably in Stereophile way back in the day, so I gave it a shot and I’ve been generally pleased with it. Now, having experienced several reference tables at friends’s places, I know it is basically a tinkertoy, but I like it.


What is important is that you are happy with it! I have a vintage Technics SL-1800 that is as new and still holds its speed. It is a remarkable turntable. The phono cartridge is a basic Audio Technica VM-95EN.

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They’re doing the first two Phil Collins records too. I have the first on initial release, initial release CD, remaster release vinyl, remaster release CD, and gold CD. At least they’re not releasing it on SACD. (Those gold CDs sound REALLY good; I have Abacab too. So glad I talked myself into them when they first got issued; they’re as rare as hen’s teeth these days)

(Dance Into the Light is…admittedly terrible.
Testify isn’t as bad as advertised.
The Motown record in its pared down form is frankly fantastic)

The Phil Collins section on my record shelf is getting to the point I’ll need a whole Kallax section.

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Play the song Tusk, sit back and enjoy. Give the volume a bit of a nudge🙂

I want Selling England, Foxtrot, Nursery Cryme, & The Lamb ($60x3 = eeesh) !

And I want 90125, Fragile (again - I have the Kevin Gray Atlantic re-issue), & CTTE (another $180)

They won’t sell out quickly. As far as the non-prog rock stuff. Maybe CSNY Deja Vu, and a couple others (I need to look at the list again).