RIP Chris Sommovigo

Chris Passed away unexpectedly last week?

He was a good man and made some great cables (Black Cat and his higher end Graceline)

I had dealings with him on a few occasions as he was the US distributor of Concert Fidelity components and I worked with him to upgrade my CF-80 from level 2 to level 3 through his company StereoLab

He was always free with advice and humor and loved talking audio…


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Agreed. I met him over the years at different audio shows. Used and liked a Black Cat digital cable for a while. Seemed like a nice fellow.

I had my first experience with Black Cat power cable on the day he died. 7 hours of the listening session, a lot of emotions during that, opinions that it was the best power cord I’ve ever heard, and then, a few hours later I saw on instagram news about his death…

I swear by his top of line BNC clock cables.
I tried MANY and Chris’s always won out.