RIP Christine McVie

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Very sad indeed.

She was always my favorite in that band. She had a quality that I quite liked.


Sad news…


Ugh. That’s a blow. Now we can never get married, like I’d hoped, for like the last 50 years😢


Back in the late 80s, I worked for a guy who who ran a Radio Shack/Alpine/Luxman/B&W… audio store. He was just a few years older than me, a huge concert goer, music lover, Stones fan, rocker, so naturally we got along famously. There were shop beers after work EVERY night. I will never forget one night’s barley induced wisdom from him:

“You know, we are just the right age that we will get to see all the great legends play. We are also the right age that we will probably get to watch them all die… (Except of course -Keith Richards!)”

He was too right.
But at least we get the first part.


A great loss for sure. Thanks to my three older brothers, I grew up listening to and appreciating Fleetwood Mac. Listening to the Tango In The Night album right now…

R.I.P. Christine McVie

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R.I.P. listening to “Rumours” DSD now.


:disappointed: another member added to the greatest band ever!
R.I.P. Songbird.

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Heaven just got another great voice. This just came to mind
Rockin Roll Heaven

Sad news this morning and now finally finished my day and can relax with Rumours followed by Fleetwood Mac 1975. Then Songbird on AmazonHD.



Talk about marking the passage of time. I caught Fleetwood Mac during their stadium touring days back in '77. They were at their height back then and the crowd just couldn’t get enough.
Sad to hear her passing.

Loved her early work


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