I (sniff) just went to the website and he’s (sniff sniff) completely sold out. Mark left a lovely retirement letter.
I’m glad Mark is off to enjoy his new life, but the selfish Ron wants him back in his seat waiting for my next whim.
First it’s Abe Lincoln, then it’s Johnny Carson and now Mark and Zack. Waaaaa.


I’m so glad I was able to work with Mark on my most recent Pass Labs acquisitions.
Thanks Mark!


I was aware Mark was closing up shop, gee it must have been at least a month ago. Found out the same way, going to the website to check out his latest inventory status. I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone on the retail side of this industry more accommodating than Mark helping his customers realize the Pass system of their dreams. We’re talking the most generous trade-up policy in the business, bar none, and I also received trade-in value for a non-Pass piece that blew my mind. He would bend over backwards to make an upgrade path possible within my budget every time. He’ll be missed. His business model sure will be!


Just did my first purchase w mark in the winter. I’m glad I went all in w the x260.8 monos. Well there is always ‘more in’. :grinning:. I was hoping he’d try to convince me on the x600.8 monos. Lol.

It’s a shame nobody bought into it and adopted the model.

+100. Mark offered a level of service second to none. My own relationship with him and Pass purchases goes back probably a dozen years at this point. Always a kind and thoughtful sales partner. Recommendations always spot on. I don’t think anyone could duplicate his sales model, given his special relationship with Nelson Pass and the company.