Happy Bill Evans Day!

Commemorating the 58th anniversary of the great trio sets at the Village Vanguard in 1961! Give a listen to Sunday at the Village Vanguard, Waltz for Debby, or the complete set on 3 CDs. Wonderful and immortal music making.


He’s so essential, thanks for mentioning, I’ll spin a record today and drink a glass of wine on him :+1:

Yay! Everybody Digs Bill!

Actually most days are Bill Evans Day around here, but the More Bill the Merrier : )

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Welcome, gldadis

A great first post.

Bill works the hardest of all musicians in my house.


Agreed! Bill is my favorite. I wish I had been there!

Currently listening to Another Time, The Hilversum Concert with Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnett.

What an iconic jazz artist, truly one of the giants of jazz and a musical genius…