A jazz great, Carla Bley, has died

One of my favorite jazz artists, what a great composer she was!



Your link doesn’t work for me.

Hopefully the link works for you now after an edit.

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It works perfectly now, thanks!

Loved her thoughtful, unconventional style.

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Oh no, she was so great! A life for and with the music, probably nearly till the last moment.
As her husband, one of the big names of the era.

She was a little out there and and that’s what I loved about her.

RIP Carla, and thanks.

A true inspiration! She was willing to tread where here contemporaries feared. Complete respect for Ms. Bley and her work. I am revisiting a favorite this evening with dinner:

Carla Bley - Musique Mecanique

No disrespect intended for Ms. Bley (RIP), but I can’t help but wonder at the access to music and artist we have today.

I saw this thread pop up.

@weedeewop posts this ^.

I look it up on Roon click on the first available version that shows up (Tidal file) and am now giving it a spin on my desktop system as I type this.

What a blessing…


I am most thrilled that you are enjoying it!

Last couple of tracks not my style but I enjoyed the others…

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I’m partial to this early effort with Gary Burton:

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That is a very special one and a predictor of what was to come, her Magnum Opus, of which I am currently listening to the first of three LPs:

A nice bit regarding a backward glance at Escalator Over the Hill:

Carla Bley - Escalator Over the Hill

Be aware Escalator Over the Hill is a bit of Carla sticking her thumb in the eye, (or is it the ear), of The Establishment.

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I am enjoying this one at the moment:


RIP Carla! Listening to yours now.


I was knocked out when I first heard this on the radio. Such a great composer and artist with such wit! Listen to Reactionary Tango, still love it! Saw her with Steve Swallow and Andy Sheppard just before the Covid lockdown. Amazing show. Rest In Peace.




Marc Myers (WSJ) did a nice job today at Jazz Wax discussing CB. https://www.jazzwax.com
I am enjoying this one after listening to Escalator. Thanks!


Yet another fine LP from Carla.