Ripping Vinyl Issue

I’m experimenting with the Sprout 100. I like to record vinyl into the audacity program. Technics SL-1500C —>>> Stellar Phono Preamp —>>> Sprout 100’s Analog In so that it has a way to record into my pc. Now I thought It could send audio signal via usb to the computer while switched to Analog In. How come it doesn’t work this way ?

Try sending the signal via RCA cables from the analogue out ports on the Sprout to your computer if possible.
I used to use Audacity but I connected it to an audio PCI card (ASUS Xonar Essence with an A to D converter).
The Sprout does not have a USB output (only input according to the description on the PS Audio site).

I wouldn’t be able to do that because I have an HP Omen laptop. If I had a desktop, then I could change for that. I have a kind of looney idea but what I could try is to not record with sprout. Use my already existing Creative Sound BlasterX G6 as means of its ADC. First the technics sl-1500c will transfer through the stellar phono then via Sound Blaster X G6 to record 96000/24 bit on Audacity/Wasapi host. The sprouts job will be to just playback. I do have 3 foot RCA Cable from stellar to the sound blaster to help. Then from sound blaster usb to my laptop recording in SSD Drive.

It’s what I have available and I’ll give that a try.