Sprout 100 DAc


I am thinking of purchasing the Sprout 100. I would like to use the amplifier DAc with a PC. All my music is stored as FLAC on harddisc so would attach the Sprout to the PC utilising the onboard DAC of the Sprout. Will the PC DAC be bypassed automatically or do I need to download the Sprout Win 10 driver?

Can I use the Win 10 media player to play all my music or would I need something like Foobar to do this?



I’m a mac guy, so take with a grain of salt…

but if you connect via USB (or any digital input), and select the sprout as your audio out in your PC’s sound preferences, you’ll use the Sprout’s DAC.

Windows drivers are here on the PS Audio site (go to the “download drivers” tab):

The terzinator is right. When you get our USB driver to start talking to the Sprout100 with your PC, you’ll be utilizing the DAC in the Sprout. Media player will be just fine, but you’ll probably hear from people on here and other places that something like Foobar or JRiver will sound better. I’m more of a ROON or Tidal native guy, so I don’t really have an opinion there.

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Hmm, I’m not sure exactly what you mean here (but I’m not the sharpest knife on this board…)> I ran my Sprout100 from a PC (USB connection) using Audirvana software and streaming from QoBuz (still do this with my SGCD as well). It worked great. The Audirvana will bypass the “PC noise mess” very well. Enjoy your Sprout, it is a wonderful integrated. I still run mine in a second system and will never part with it.