Has PS Audio ever thought of producing something like the DEQX’s? I find them very handy however they don’t have the exceptional Digital to Analog conversion that PS Audio produces. I love the idea of having full control of my loudspeakers and any future projects I have in mind. The ability to create crossovers and room correction is great. Just seeing if this had ever been discussed. Thanks

This has been suggested a number of times, including within the last couple of days. PS Audio has repeatedly indicated it has no interest in doing so.

Come on, we want a PS audio DSP and an EQ.

Remember Windows has built-in a smaller DSP and is there is a free program for eq to PC.


Room EQ Wizard

I totally agree. I think PS Audio is missing out on an opportunity here. I’d buy it for sure. So at least one customer! 1_gif

Imagine the possibilities! A 2 in / 6 out DirectStream Dac w/ digital crossover and room correction. Those that wanted to DIY their own systems, me included, would fall in love with a quality FPGA multi channel dac. It’s a big sales opportunity too as those people that are loyal to PS Audio for their well built engineer products would then have to buy multiple BHK amps to run it. The Infinity system in PS Audios own listening room has active crossovers, what a perfect way to test them :slight_smile:

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First Time Here :slight_smile:

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