Roon Announces Nucleus One $499

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Looks very nice.

As a long term Intel NUC (R.O.C.K.) person, this meets or beats the pricing on the NUC.

Also, NUC has or is being discontinued so this may be compelling.

I’ve always liked the appliance concept. Zero maintenance.

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Nuc production has shifted to Asus. I do not think it is a mistake that the specification section does not specify the processor. It looks to me they do not want to admit what’s in it


@pippen99 I’m thinking the same thing regarding specs.

At this price point they are not looking at making a one for all device. This is a great entry device to Roon for those new guys with small libraries that do mostly streaming. Super smart of Harmon to come up with a budget device.

Next they should do is a combo deal, buy this and lifetime for $999 and they would fly off the shelf.


That is a great idea!