DSD/BRIDGE II Playback on Tidal

A new problem just popped up a couple of days ago while playing Tidal.

While playing Album or Playlist, Sequential or Shuffle, it will play 2 tracks fine and stops playing. Will continue to play by manually selecting a track (one at a time). I’m using an android mConnect Control HD for communication and it appears to be working correctly.

Network and Speed are fine. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like an issue on TIDAL’s end. There have been lots of reports over the years of TIDAL buffering, freezing, stalling, skipping tracks, and the like. Personally, I am counting the days until Qobuz is released in the USA so that I can hopefully dump TIDAL once and for all.

Thanks. The problem has never occurred on Tidal streaming on my computer. I have not tested on other streamers. Will tomorrow.

Perhaps your system is trying to tell you something . . .

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Tidal works very well with my bridge II controlled from my Ipad using Mcontrol HD and ethernet connection from my Surface computer. -So much so that if an update for Bridge II is ever released, I would be hesitant to upgrade. I can hear very little improvement in SQ using the DSMP.
By the way, can anyone tell me what the function of the “gapless” setting in Mcontrol is for?

No kidding. Network issues are frustrating enough on their own.

Does Qobuz have a better reputation ion this regard?

I have been using Qobuz for over a year and never had it do anything remotely like what Tidal is known for. Not a single stoppage or freeze.


It is a silly throw-away comment. From your response, you clearly knew it was a joke but you chose to be offended. I suggest letting it go. I am sorry to have upset you. I take very little seriously without finding humor or irony.

Good news, thanks for updating the thread.

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Yes, thank you for posting your solution.

Perhaps at some point Tidal will resolve its issues.

Obviously this was a Roon setting, not a Tidal issue…

Thanks! A good clarification in this context. I am accustomed to hearing about Tidal problems.