Roon nucleus connected directly to dsd

My room nucleus is now connected (in my equipment cabinet) to my router via ethernet cable and services several endpoints in my house including my media room.
If I move the Nucleus to my media room and connect it (via usb) directly to my DSD (with bridge) will this enable me to get better sound in my media room. Also does this eliminate the need for a streamer (such as the bridge) to service the other end points in my house?

Every end point in house needs to be on network. But you can certainly connect USB out of core to MKI. Eliminate the bridge and get an external power supply board instead. Two shortening plugs for I2S and you are way further along IMO. The there are other mods. Add those and many consider it a close second to the MKII

I tried this a while back. In my opinion the sound was not better. However, installing the ISO REGEN did help.

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Brian, thanks for your prompt reply. As you may gather, I am about one notch above a novice in this type of technology.
So let me rephrase my question. If I replace the DSD mk 1 with a DSD mk 2, can I eliminate the need for a streamer (such as Airlens) by moving the nucleus into the media room and connecting it, via USB cable, to the mk II for listening to roon in the media room; AND connect the nucleus to the network via an ethernet cable for listening to roon at the other endpoints.
If this is possible, I am assuming that the sound in the media room will be as good if not better then I’m currently enjoying with the mk 1 and the bridge. (Of course, the sound at the other endpoints will be the same as before.)
Your comments would be appreciated.

Yes MKII is much better. And yes people have got grips results connection w/o streamer. Good there. I was not sure if you wanted to make that jump. It’s about $5600 investment after trade in. The mods available on this forum much cheaper. Even with a DDC added in. Still thousands cheaper. But if you are thinking of upgrading yes big sound improvement

The setup that you are thinking about is the setup that I’m using. My Nucleus is in my listening room and the MK2 is connected to it via USB. The Nucleus also streams to the other end points in my house. Upgraded from the MK 1 to the MK2 and very happy to have done so, despite being in Canada and not being able to take advantage of the PS Audio trade-in feature.

Same here, since I got my DSD Mk2. Inakustik Referenz USB was good value for the quality without going to extreme $$$. I’m loving the Mk2. Every tweak to the whole system just shows it off.