I just successfully updated the firmware on my PWDII to the latest 2.9.7 (tricky as the firmware page on the PS Audio site is a mess and does not have the latest stuff)

I was then able to update the firmware on the Bridge II automatically on the PWD II itself.

So far so good!

Roon recognized the PWDII + BridgeII, and I have music playing!

I even used regular old DHCP (with cat 6 cabled network, switch, router etc) and so far no drop outs, even with high res AIFF files!

SUCH AN INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE compared to the early days of eLyric and the PWDII when it was released. Thank the gods :slight_smile: Congratulations to the PS Audio people, but bloody hell, it took long enough! You definitely get praise, but I will not hesitate to rub a little salt in the wound! I do not feel that until today, my PWDII worked as it was designed to. Again, congratulations on the successful partnership with ROON, and thank you!

I moved the mac mini and hard drive off the audio shelf! I put them in my home office and now I have the PWD connected to ethernet only. Much better set up.

Issues (I know this is Beta, but I am your Beta tester today!)

  1. on the PWD screen it shows the name of the track and album of a song playing via roon from my hard drive, but not the album art.

  2. on the PWD screen it says “44.1k 16Bit Unk” under where the album art should be, despite the track being 192kHz 24 bit. Roon confirms that the track I am playing has those specs in its signal path description. I believe I am streaming the correct high res data, and the PWD is in NativeX mode, so it should be fine, just confusing to see the “44.1k 16Bit Unk” displayed.

3.after my track ended, a tidal random track played, per the settings, and that track name showed up on the PWD display. I then changed the track to a different Tidal track, but the first track’s name is still displayed on the PWD screen, despite the new track being played for more than 3 minutes.

If I see any other abnormalities, I will let you guys know, but so far pretty good.

For the album art, the PWD needs the SD-card inserted. Issue 2 and 3 are know and I have been trying to fix them.



Installed update on my PWD MkII and Bridge disappeared from front screen menu.

Downgraded to 2.4.6… is there any changes/improvements to the SQ with the latest firmware? or is this just for ROON.