PWT cover art feature

Just recently purchased a new PWT and after a few days the Album cover art feature is not working correctly. its displaying on the website perfectly but it want display on the front of the unit most of the time. Getting a no cover art found message. The tracks are displaying every time but no cover art. Is there a fix for this? I have a very good web connection and its showing connection on the PWT.

Any help please.



Do you have the SD card inserted into the back of the PWT?

Mine Isn’t working anymore Either

The PWT is fussy about getting album info and artwork. Try the following:

1 - Make sure the SD card is inserted with the contacts facing upwards. Use FAT formatted cards of 1GB to 2GB in size.
2 - Make sure your LAN is connected to the outside world to allow the Internet goodness to flow in and verify that the PWT is connected to your LAN.3 - Restart your PWT. The PWT is very, very unforgiving with any LAN issues. If you LAN is turned off, interrupted, or does anything to cause offense to the PWT, the PWT ignores the LAN until it is rebooted. When in doubt, restart the PWT.
4 - Verify that the PWT indicates that is has a network connection, however, be aware that just because is says it has a connection doesn’t mean it’s on speaking terms with your LAN.
5 - Load a well-known disc that you’ve not previously played in the PWT but has been out for many years, such as the 1987 issue of The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and verify that the disc info and artwork load. Newer discs may not be present in the database that the PWT uses or may only have the disc info available but not the artwork.
6 - If you receive a message that the artwork cannot be found, try reloading the disc. If it still cannot be found, try reloading the disc later in the day - sometimes the info and artwork magically appear later on.
7 - If this still doesn’t work, lean the CD case against the front of the PWT, enjoy the music, and quit worrying about a tiny little picture you can’t see from more than a few feet away.

Good luck.


Have also this problem,cover dowloading worked well for a year.

Had this problem also a year ago,it is a problem only can be solved by PS audio

Paul, yes, the SD card is inserted in the back of the unit. The first day or two the album art came up every time but after a few days it became a hit and miss. No huge deal on this but it is a neat feature. The transport sound is so much of an improvement over my older Denon 2900 especially played through my DSD Dac. Thanks Paul

Pb, thanks for your response. I will try some of your suggestions, especially the LAN connection. I recently bought a very nice router that the unit is plugged into. I may need to configure or adjust something differently in the router setup. I will figure it out.


Check your SD-card. Cover art is only downloaded the first time you play a CD, after that it is read from the SD-card. If the SD-card gets corrupt you won’t get cover art. Do a checkDisk on the SD-card to see if it or any files on it are corrupt.