RSD 2019 Finds

Here’s mine. Pickings were slim. There were a few more titles I wish I could have had.

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I picked up quite a few but you got two that I wanted but missed out on - the Dylan and the CSNY. Amongst the ones I got are Twin Peaks, Bill Evans, Aretha Franklin, Cecil Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Fela Kuti, Prince, and a few others. Overall, pretty pleased with what I was able to find.

Why is that CSNY so expensive? Original pressings are quite common I thought.

The reissue is now 3 LP’s with additional songs.

There are a few titles I missed out as well. The Elton John Live in Moscow and Eric Clapton One More Car, One More Rider.

I’ve never done business with these guys, but they have all their leftovers online this morning.

Thanks…all sold out for the titles I was interested in.:frowning_face:

Thanks for the link. Will try to check it out later today. I reached out to the guy who owns the local store where I bought my records from and he said sometimes there’s opportunity for him to buy residual stuff and he’ll look for the titles on my list.

I listened to the Hooverphonic President of the LSD Golf Club release last night and it is very good. Worth checking out.