S 300 power amp question

I am looking to upgrade my speakers soon. I have Amphion Argon 1’s at the moment, and they are driven by the new ish S 300 power amp…will moving up to the Amphion Argon 3LS (floor standers) be a good match for the amp. I am buying from a friend, and as I am disabled I cannot bring them to my home to demo. Thanks guys

Welcome! The Argon 1s are a great little speaker. Though the bass is a little lacking, their top end is very strong and clear without being aggressive. The S300 will do well with the 3LS, but for the most part I do recommend folks jump to the M700s when they plan to drive floor standers. The extra headroom really helps to drive the larger speaker with less effort which really helps with the integrity of the sound.

I hope to get the M700’s next year

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