S300 + Elac B6

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I have purchased a Stellar S300 w/ a stellar strata gain cell preamp. This is intended for my home office system and I had planned to connect a pair of Elac B6 bookshelf speakers that I already own. Nominal impedance for the B6 = 6 ohms and the maximum amplification is = 120W.

I am a newbie, but it seems the Stellar S300 might be too much amp for these B6 speakers. Am I understanding this correctly?

If so, any recommendations for bookshelfs in the ~$1,000 / pair price point that pair well with the S300 and stellar strata?

Thanks in advance - looking forward to learning more and being active in this forum.


In most terms you can’t have an amplifier that is too powerful. The power that an amp outputs is strictly related to the content you’re playing and the volume level you have selected. This is a lot like the gas pedal in a car. Just because you have an 800hp car doesn’t mean you’re using all 800hp during normal city driving but if you were to floor it then you get all 800hp. The volume knob is your gas pedal so unless you’re turning the volume to max which is 100 on PS Audio gear you won’t be maxing out the power. And extra headroom is something you want, this allows your system to reach those dynamic moments in the music accurately instead of falling flat and not hitting those very dynamic notes.

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Thanks, Kevin

This explanation is very clear and helps me understand how this works… but it will make it more difficult to justify the need for some new speakers!


No worries Matt, you’re fine. We routinely plug efficient speakers into amplifiers we make like the M1200 with waaaaaaay more power than they can handle and it sounds great. The volume level will regulate everything. Unless you’re trying to fill Shea Stadium you’ll be fine.

Think of it this way. Whatever loud is for you requires X number of watts. Let’s call it 50 watts for discussion. 50 watts, whether delivered from a 3,000 watt amplifier or a 100 watt amplifier is the same. Doesn’t matter the headroom except for sonic purposes. More is better.

Having a good base pre and power amp is always a good thing. Using balanced cables between your pre and power amps will help get the best sound out of your system (even inexpensive balanced cables).

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I am using M700 monos rated 700W/ 4 ohms to drive 4 ohms Dynaudio Contour 20 rated rated at 180 W. No issues whatsoever.


i AM using the Elac speakers as well-They are not being over powered. I have used them with the S300 and the Stellar pre amp-I just switched to a Class AB amp with similar power specs- no problem at all.
The Bass response of the Elac has been enhanced via the use of the Class AB amp-
Hey its a Hobby!
Have fun