S300 Signal Delay/Latency

I have read that all Class D amps and or DSP’s have some type of a signal delay. My Lyngdorf HT Processor has a amplifier delay setting to counter that issue. Does anyone know in millisecond’s what the delay is for the S300? For example my class D SVS SB-16 Ultra Subs have a 5.5ms delay.

Does anyone know? I emailed PS Audio support on this over 3 weeks ago…no response.

I suggest giving them a call.

Thanks Elk, Nobody seems to want to put stuff like this in writing as if it’s a bad thing and will impact sales. Latency should be part of the spec sheet in the Signal section.

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I use the M700s in a HT setup for L/R and don’t experience any delay. Are you currently experiencing latency with the S300?

My front stage amps are BHK300’s which are class A/B and are supposed to have little to no latency. I have two s300’s to drive Rear surrounds and Atmos. My HT Processor should be able to compensate everything to the front stage.

In that case I suspect the latency isn’t the amps, but the distance from your listening position to the speakers. I’ve personally not read that class D amps have any inherent latency, but that could really just be ignorance on my part.

Have you run the DSP sweeps on your system and did it suggest timing? Do you know your distances from the main listening position to the front speakers and rear speakers?

Of course it will time adjust based in the entered distance of each speaker but my processor also has a provision to enter the amplifier delay as well. I’m using it on the subs might as well use it on the S300 as well. I have read that all class D amps have some sort of latency.