SACD or DoP?

I was watching Paul’s videos last night then I went ahead to listen to octave record. I am likely to pull the trigger to get an vinyl album, after listening to the sample music, since that would be the least cost for me for I have a debut carbon turntable with a sprout and Elac bookshelf carina.
Then I wonder, if one can play the dsd file through Mac via DoP capable software, what is the benefit of spending upward of a thousand to acquire a sacd player if both are reproducing the same quality of dsd data?

If you’re looking to get a SACD player vs. running the Octave Record’s data disc DSD output through a DoP compatible software then I would not spend the money on the SACD player. Those players have the DAC built in and typically they are not great DACs. You’d be better off sticking with the MacBook and a great external DAC that can handle DSD.


Paul~ I guess you don’t stop working.
I am excited to see you reply to my post.

Thank you and thanks for the advice.


Paul never sleeps.

Or he has a twin . . .

Multiple clones, is my working theory…

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Hah! Somehow I squeeze it all in.

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