PWT good for now?

I just modded my DSD and am enjoying it with both my PWT and my Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer. I am using an Audioquest Dragon HDMI between the PWT and DSD and I am using an Audioquest Wel Signature AES/EBU cable between my streamer and DSD. I find that the PWT sounds better than the Aries G2.1 and I am wondering if getting a PST will sound significantly better than the PWT considering the fact that I am using I2S connection with a Dragon cable. Some may argue that the sound would be close with regular CD’s.There are a few people on this forum who would make this argument. I am wondering if it will be worth the investment to upgrade to a PST in my system. My instinct tells me that the upgrade to a PST would be an improvement but not anywhere like the improvement I got from my Directstream dac mods. I am getting the best sound of my life between the dac mods and the top of the line Audioquest cables.

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The main reason to go to a PST would be that it can play SACD’s. If you don’t play SACD’s, the improvement playing CD’s and DVD-R’s will still be there, but not as great.

With your streamer, I would get a USB to I2S converter like a Matrix x-spdif 2 and sell the Wel Signature and get another Dragon HDMI cable to your DAC. Then maybe your streamer will outperform your PWT, especially if you play DSD 256 files.


Thanks for your reply. To be honest the streamer with the Wel Signature AES/EBU cable is so close to the PWT that I don’t think it would be worth the loss to sell the Wel Signature and purchase a USB to I2S converter. When I do the math quickly in my head it would cost thousands of dollars to do it right. Truth be told I am happy with the G2.1 streamer with the Wel Signature cable. The PWT might sound a little better but it is very close. I would rather upgrade my transport than do a Matrix type set up.

Depending on your budget, I would not hesitate to pick up a used PSA DMP (PST’s predecessor).

I bought one from a fellow denizen a year or so ago and it has performed admirably (and flawlessly). I have not experienced any of the foibles and hiccups others have reported.

The PWT is an excellent transport, but by most accounts the DMP is a superior performer.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for your help
If I did upgrade my transport I would get a PST. I am getting the impression that although a nice move to do one day that it may not be as critical as an upgraded cable to my PWT which I have done or the DSD mods which are spectacular.
I get the impression that the PWT properly cabled is a little under estimated. Of course after 10 years a new PST would be nice but perhaps not as necessary as other upgrades.

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Back then when I Beta tested the DMP, my jaws literally dropped! It was so much better than everything I’ve tried at the time it wasn’t funny. Playing single layer Japanese SACD’s, it even beat the sound of my hi end server playing hi rez files back then.

Then came the PST. It took but one record to send back the DMP back to PS Audio for the trade in! You can hear it right away in my system the higher fidelity of the PST. Try playing one of those single sided SACD’s and see how good this unit can sound!


I don’t own a single SACD. The player would be for regular CD’s. I have just been reading in another post where a lot of people are having problem’s with their PST’s. This is very discouraging.

I’ve had the PWT, then the DMP and now the PST. All using the same HDMI cable between the DSD, the PS Audio AC-12.

There is a clear improvement between each component going up as released. A jump from the PWT to the PST would be significant and worthwhile. The PWT is as you say “good for now,” a great device. But a PST in your future would be a significant step up, maximizing the fidelity of your modded DSD.


Then you’re in for a treat. Not having SACD’s before shouldn’t stop you from getting SACD’s in the future. Unless you’re happy with listening to your old CD’s forever.
PS Audio’s recent Octave SACD releases are incredible sounding. You’re really missing out.

You may hear a lot of problems with the PST, but usually you don’t hear about all those that has no problems because they don’t report it. I have no problems with mine since I bought it some time ago.


I have had no problems either.


Also no problems with the PST since purchase, It’s an awesome device that makes redbook cd’s sound the best I’ve ever heard (and I still have a DMP in a 2nd system, and sold a PWT I really liked to). PST has been a fantastic and best sounding transport for me.

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If you don’t own SACD’s and don’t have any plans to get into them then just buy a Jays at a third of the price and be done. No software involved so do glitches to worry about. Works fine via I2S to the DS Sr.

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I would do the Jay’s but I need a front loader. A top loader would not work for me unless it would fit on top of my Aries streamer. I wonder if that would work?

I own both and the Jays is wider. Look at the Nuprime CDT-10 it is a front loader and works with the PS Audio protocol as does the lower priced CDT-8.

Can’t speak to the Nuprime CDT-10 or -9, as I haven’t heard em. However, I tried out the CDT-8 and to my ears anyhow, the PWT you already own is lightyears better in sound quality than the CDT-8.

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The Aries doesn’t need to be on the top shelf even if you are using WiFi. I moved mine to the second shelf when I got the Jays and saw no change in performance. using WiFi. The Jays sits on the top shelf just above it. In fact both my Aries G’s are on the second shelf. The TT is on the top shelf in the other system.

Thanks for your help. I wish it would fit. On bottom shelf is amp, middle shelf is 3 decker preamp and on top shelf is DSD with PWT on it with Aries on it. My tuner is on a component stand beside rack. I have a Keces power conditioner on component stand on the other side of the rack. I require a front loader transport. No physical choice.

OK I understand. If you want to use the I2S input on the DS then the only options I know of other than PS Audio are Jays and Nuprime. While I admit the Nuprime CDT-8 is not the equal of the Jays it is also a third of the price and a half width component so it would fit on top of the Aries as that’s where mine sits in one system. Don’t know who is a dealer in Canada though. You could call John Casler at Summitt HiFi and see as he is the Canadian distributor. With your cabinet restrictions I would probably just stick with the PWT though. I feel your pain though about cabinet restrictions as I have the separate power supplies for the May KTE and the Supratek preamp sitting on butcher block stands on each side of the main rack. The BHK 250 is sitting on a 3 inch butcher block stand in front of the rack so the P3 could go on the bottom shelf for cleaner power cable routing.

The Jays is larger then your Aries so putting it on top won’t work.

What about the PST?