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Hello, I’m Sanjeev Mansotra. I’m searching for a high-power audio system with Bluetooth technology speakers. Which company should I buy? Reasonable one not too costly below 20k. Basically, for parties, enjoy an authentic nightclub or festival atmosphere with speaker light. Suggestions, please??

Not going to find much enthusiasm here for Bluetooth speakers here on this forum.

For whole house check out Sonos.

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This may be of interest to you:

Good luck.


Welcome and good luck.

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Sounds interesting looking forward to it… thank you!

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These have been very well reviewed. There are eight reviews from well known reviewers on the page I link to.

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Those LS60 Towers, plus their KF92 sub ( KF92 Subwoofer | KEF USA ) would work well for your music criteria, and at a 65% savings under your max budget!

Well, as slick, slim, pretty and well engineered the LS60 is, I would say that it as a nightclub/party type of vibe at all. They are quite limited in their output. Here’s a look at what their limiter is doing at moderate at higher SPLs, the low end below 60-100 Hz disappears

KEF LS60 compression

I would agree with the Sonos comment. Something like a Sonos Port run into something dynamic sounding. If you want disco laser lights, movers or things you can get some at pro audio and lighting store.

If you want a more refined sounding pro speaker, something like a JBL 4367 driven by a high power amp (like a pair of our M700 monoblocks) would get oyu there.

These might do it, or some mix of products in their wireless speaker line. The m100s are more powerful. Well respected speaker designers.