Schiit Aegir (Continuity™ Power Amplifier)

Did you try an Aegir in stereo mode first or go directly to monos? Wondering if you have any input on differences between stereo/mono sound.

I went straight to monos. I could tinker a bit and test retroactively with one in stereo, I suppose. But the pair sounds great.

That would be great if you could tear your system apart for me! Just kidding of course.

Due to the Schiit mention in the Stellar Streamer thread I read the October Stereophile review which was generally good. The prices make the Schiit gear really worth considering…but one of my favorite combinations in the low price range would be with a small Maggie. Unfortunately the Aegir was mentioned to react with early clipping with the MG 0.7.

So I guess it’s made for high efficiency speakers or smaller medium efficiency ones.

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Yeah, i think you’d want higher power for the magnapans.

They work great with my Harbeth P3ESR’s, but you know what I really LOVE them with? My pair of PSB Imagine B’s.

Yes in case 86dB are small enough it seems to work…so just nothing for bass freaks it seems :wink:

I have been reading this thread (and others) with great interest. A lot of posts have been comparing PSA to Schiit gear. I first heard about Schiit well before I heard about PSA, and from Schiit’s website, it appears that they make good gear at extremely reasonable prices. Given my druthers - like if I hadn’t had about 300 large stolen from me by an office manager :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, or had to pay probably another 300 large in child support - I would have Pass Labs equipment and whatever speakers sounded best to me and my golden eared pianist wife, even in the Texas heat and the associated exorbitant electric company bills due to the Class A heat. Maybe I should have said, “Would have had”, as Class D has come into my life now, and the data and sound are great.
But I digress. My plan - not necessarily She Who Must Be Obeyed’s plan - is to step up from my current NAD 3020 (first generation) to an integrated with more power and a better DAC - and the Sprout100 fills that bill for about a grand or so less than anything comparable - then one day up to separates. I should say back to separates, as I once had Luxman separates and foolishly, or rather ignorantly, parted with them. PSA’s trade in policy sounds great, and the equipment seems great. But I notice a lot of PSA versus Schiit discussion on the forum, with some tube talk thrown in, and I wonder…
My main speakers are B&W CM-4’s, with which I will never part. Their sound is way above their price point at the time I got them, even beating the then (2004) hulking 801’s. They will migrate to our bedroom, with something on the par of Harbeth 30.2’s or Devores taking their place up front. That’s my dream, anyway, but Life takes us down many unexpected paths.

I owned an Aegir for a few weeks In my second system as I’ve tried a few different Schiit pieces in the past and have been impressed with some of them.

The original setup consists of a Modwright Transporter to Schiit Freya+ with Psvane T-II CV-181 tubes to a recapped Pioneer M-22 30W Class A amp, out to either a restored Quad ESL 63 or Zu Audio Soul Superfly.

Replacing the Pioneer M-22 with the Aegir resulted in a cleaner, thinner, and less musical sound. While the sound from the Aegir was cleaner, or perhaps leaner, the M-22 actually bested it in every dimension - bottom to top resolution, dynamics, mids (especially), soundstage imaging, width, and depth. It was on a completely different class. I sold the Aegir for home much I bought it on the used market on the same day I listed it.

FWIW, I recapped the M-22 with Audio Note caps, added an IEC so I could use aftermarket power cables and replaced the fuses with aftermarket ones from Synergistic Research and Hifi-Tuning. But I did get the amplifier in excellent condition shipped for like $750. The recapping and fuses probably cost me $400 all in all. So yes, more expensive than the Aegir, but for the price difference, I wouldn’t think twice.

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The Pioneer M-22 actually has better specs than the Aegir amp so it should sound like it has less distortion. The M-22 is a fantastic amp.

had to google the M-22. Wow, very pretty. (Although, interesting that the speaker cables come off the FRONT of the unit!)


Well, at least you don’t need to search for the caps when you want to exchange them.

It really looks good my dad has a similar looking Mitsubishi amplifier, that sounds really good as well.

You can move the name plate to the back and make it the front. Seriously, this is in the manual and the holes are there just for this.