Schiit Loki

I’m thinking of purchasing a Loki. Wondering how much of the bass spectrum the 20hz knob affects. Does it just affect the bottom couple of octaves or does it have an effect on the mid bass as well?

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I have a Loki on my den system for headphones only (Sprout100, Magni headphone amp. Loki). It handles low bass and into the lower midbass. Schiit doesn’t really get specific on what is controlled, but these are the specs listed:

Bands: 20Hz, 400Hz, 2kHz, 8kHz
Adjustment: +/-12dB at 20Hz and 8kHz, +/-6dB at 400Hz and 2kHz

It’s a decent EQ and my HiFiman Sundaras need a boost in bass and it fits the bill. I wouldn’t put one in my main system, but here it’s fine.

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graphs etc. here :slight_smile:


Which one are you considering? I recently bought a Lokius for the desk top system and to test on the main system before deciding to splurge on the Loki Max. The main system consists of M1200, GCD, Vault2i, and Spatial M4.

On the main system I was actually a bit surprised that the 20Hz band actually made an audible difference. I’m not actually sure how to describe it. It didn’t add a lot of what I’d describe as punch but did seem to bring a fullness. It was subtle but obvious but didn’t extend into what I’d describe as mid bass.
I can’t hear much past 11 or 12K tone so I was equally surprised that the 16KHz knob also brought a subtle but obvious difference. Again, I’m not sure how to describe the difference other than to call it a sense of openness.
Based on what I heard with the Lokius, my next hardware addition will be the Loki Max.


Thank you. Seems that 20hz does affect things upstream.

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Interesting. Thanks. I’m actually looking to trim some bass.

The measurements are very interesting but they appeared to be from the 4 band Loki Mini. The 6 band would likely have a more limited range.