Scrolling line in the DS Display

I have using the DS for a while now but never noticed this before. Recently I dimmed the display and started to see scrolling lines (just like the TV in old times :-)). I believe that there are 3 dimmed settings and this happens only when its dimmed low or medium. If the display is full, I don’t see it - maybe its there but hard to detect. Is this something that needs to be serviced or can it be user fixable - loose contact ? I have changed DS fuse, so I know how to open it.

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t hurt anything, but the display can be replaced to fix it. I can’t speak to warrantee issues, but you should call Alex at PS Audio if you are concerned.

Mine’s done the same strobing thing since, as far as I can recall, day one. It bugs me aesthetically – though not as much as having the brightness set high enough to make it invisible – but doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the audio output, which I’m guessing is thanks to the internal design keeping that component’s RF/EMI away from the audio path circuitry.

Thanks folks. Yes, I agree it doesn’t affect the audio. Just spoke to Alex and looks like its a known issue with the earlier version of the display. Will get it serviced.

I Just Checked Both my DS and PWT both just go black when I try to dim them…