DMP Update Code - Post your impressions here

Please post your impressions, reactions, experiences with the new DMP code in this thread.

Thanks Elk. I forgot to post the release notes so you can see what the known issues are:


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It is great to have release notes!

I know, right? Matt (our engineering director) and Barry (our senior programmer) are bringing a new level of order to our company that’s long overdue and much needed.

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Installed w/o issues, first listen (Stacey Kent, Candid Moments, HQ edition, Roberta Gamberini, The Shadow Of Your Smile - Hommage To Japan import, and Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue SACD ), SQ is holy spit better, passes tin ear spouse test 2 thumbs up. No control glitches to report, and yeah I can deal with no cover art for SQ this good (for now… :smirk:).

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First impression, loads CD’s and SACD’s much faster. Still does not forward the De-emphasis flag to the DAC. As you mentioned the artwork is still wonky. I need to spend some time with the remote but so far it worked ok to select tracks. Progress!

My very first impressions are this:

  1. Load times and response times are amazingly fast. Big improvement.
  2. SQ seems to be better but that’s so subjective it’s hard to quantify. When it’s performing right I think the DMP is a great player.
  3. Just one SACD so far. At the end I was able to restart play by pressing the play button. Something not possible in beta code 2.08.
  4. Modern Jazz Quartet - Django. No artwork. Will try other red book CDs later today.

Overall very positive. I don’t really care about the artwork. It’s a nice to have not a must have.

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About to install mine. Quick question for Paul or the forum.

What is release 2.10? I thought the last version we had was 2.08? Is that what 2.10 is or did I miss something post 2.08?


I stand corrected about the number pad and track selections it does not work. This is the case for a stopped or a playing disc. Hopefully this is something that can be resolved.

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2.08 was the version we all had. Apparently there was a 2.10 that we never got but Paul has as the last version before the 3.04 code. Install the 3.04.

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Thanks. Will do.

That is a known issue mentioned in the release notes.

No problems with the install but big issue for me upon inserting a disk.

It appears unable to play FLAC files I have burned to a DVD which worked fine in previous versions.

I believe I recall a comment about it still having issues with DVDs but I though that meant pre-recorded DVD-A disks. I didn’t know it won’t read the ones I’ve burned.

I have to go back to the previous version because that’s a big part of what I listen to these days.

What if you copy those FLAC files from DVD to USB, can you play them that way? The idea of beta testing is to flog it for as long as you can, not surrender so early.

That’s a thought. :grinning: I can try that. I was just surprised because I didn’t anticipate that.

It did load much more quickly. OTOH it didn’t pick up song titles on redbook CDs I played.

Are redbook CD being captured in your MyPS playlist?

We always release different numbering system when there’s any code change. 2.10 is the same as 2.08 but with different loading instructions which permit you to easily go back and forth between the two versions. Otherwise the same. We don’t want software out in the wild with differing parameters and the same numbering systems.

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Of course. The known problems as stated in the revision notes will be addressed. It’s just so you don’t have to report they don’t work because we know that.

TBH, I don’t even know what that is. Thinking back on it, maybe the old version didn’t pick up the song titles either. As I said, I listen mostly to music I have downloaded and burned where song title weren’t an issue. I will pick up a couple of thumb drives today so I can play that music through the usb slot. I am looking forward to assessing the SQ. 2.08 not only performed better than 2.06 it sounded much better as well.

This is the kind of info we need from the beta test. I am not interested in work arounds. What’s helpful to us is when you report that FLAC files don’t work on your disc. Then we check that into the Active Collab system and they get worked on.

Please, while workarounds may be interesting, just use the new DMP in every way from Sunday and let us know when it does something you didn’t know or thought it should.

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