Selecting power Regenerator with a Mcintosh AMP

Dear PS Audio Engineers,

I am seeking advice on selecting a power regenerator for my high-end audio system. My primary component is a McIntosh MA352 2-Channel Hybrid Integrated Amplifier, which has a rated power output of 200 watts per channel at 8 ohms. According to my calculations, it draws approximately 720 watts from a 120V 50/60Hz, 6.0A power supply. Additionally, my system includes a cocktailAudio N15(D) and a standard CD player.

Given that the MA352 has a substantial power transformer, filter capacitors with 60 Joules of energy storage, and a regulated power supply, I’m wondering if I would still benefit from a power regenerator, and if so, which model would be the most appropriate.

I’m considering the PS Audio PowerPlant 12, which offers 1200 VA of continuous power, but I’m also looking at the PowerPlant 3. Could you provide guidance on whether these models would complement the existing power management of my McIntosh amp, and which one would be the right fit? Are there other factors, such as impedance, that I should take into account?

Knowing that Amplifier Efficiency is not 100% I am assuming the MA 352 is at a efficiency of 50-70% ( Im guessing)

So power consumption = power output / efficiency

PC= 400W/ .06 = 666.67 W

the cocktailAudio N15(D) will likely add a few more amps. A CD player typically uses less than 50W.

Thoughts ?

Thank you for your help,


Hi Frank. Equipment always benefits from a Power Plant but I would suggest for this system you’d be best served with a P15.

Thanks , Paul can I not use the P12 for my application ? Will the P12 not meet the power needs of my application ? I really did not want to spent more than $4k on the power plant. the P15 is slightly more than the Mcintosh amp cost to buy. Can you elaborate on why the P15 vs the P12 ? My Power calculations is 666 W and the P12 specs can handle it. Can you educate me on why you are recommending the P15 ? What can the P15 do that the P12 can not ? Thanks in Advance. Frank

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Great questions!

The P12 will work under most situations. It’s hard to know how hard you will be pushing the amp, but under normal to loud you’re probably fine. But, definitely not the P3. Using its regenerator, you won’t have enough juice.

I prefer the P15 because of its larger power supply and lower output impedance than the 12, though the 12 is no slacker in what it’ll do.