DMP unavailable?

Is the DMP finally done? Such as there are no more to be made or are they just out of the inventory that PS Audio had when they did the Snowmass sale? I just got a Directstream DAC and I absolutely love it. I just can’t wait until it is finally broken in. I just couldn’t get the wife to agree that it was ok for me to get a DMP when it was on sale.

When the DMP replacement comes out there will probably be quite a few used DMP come on to the market. And for people who bought them at $4k, they’ll probably be selling them for $3K or less. So if you want one, wait until then. If you can buy a new DMP today (I don’t know that you can), given they were $4K last week, and they are approaching EOL, they will now be a very tough sell at MSRP.

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If your seriously looking for one and want new then check with the known large volume internet sellers and see if they are sitting on stock in their warehouses.

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We did sell out of the last of the DMPs but there are probably lots still around in dealer inventories.


Thanks everyone. Thanks for the tips. I will be on the lookout to see if anyone has one for sale or get one used when the opportunity comes up. Can’t wait to listen to the New server and speakers when they come out Paul.

Call Underwood, TMR and High Performance Stereo.

Will do.

Steve @ High Performance Stereo has them and a good price.

Been buying equipment from him for 30 years including all my PS gear. :+1::+1::+1:

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I agree about Steve as all my PS gear came from him too, but Walter at Underwood might have the bigger inventory so I would try them both.