Should I get a Roon Nucleus?

yah, the Nucleus I know about. Just not up to speed on Innuos, and wondered what he was streaming. :slight_smile:

IMHO opinion if u r not planning to use USB input or the DSP capabilities of Roon you don’t need it.

I run Roon Core in Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is predominantly used only for Roon and some occasional bowing, file management. I run the Roon in Core Mode (no client). And configured it to launch at startup of the OS.

It works pretty good so far.


The UltraRendu and UltraDigital arrived. They sounds pretty good, maybe slightly better than the Bridge, but I’ll need to listen more.

This probably isn’t the right place to ask, but I am having trouble with a couple things.
When using the UltraRendu and UltraDigital (into the I2S input) if I play DSD files the channels are reversed and out of phase. It also will not play 256 or higher (the Bridge works fine on these files).
I cannot get into post a message on the Sonic Orbiter forums and haven’t had much luck searching the web.
Can anyone here help?

Based on the spec page the DSD via I2S plays up to 128. It doesn’t support DSD 256

Correct, but @tedsmith is working on the next firmware release for the DS DAC and part of his work is to get DSD 256 across i2S and USB (though I kind of recall a mention that USB is a maybe but Ted can certainly clarify).

Oh, sorry. I thought it did 256 by I2S.

Ummmm, I don’t think this is correct. If you look at our specs, you’ll see we handle both single and double rate DSD through I2S right now.

256 is quad rate. The Direct Stream only goes to double rate for now.

Switches 6&8 off fixed it!

So… The story continues.
I decided to try out a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface, to compare to the Ultra Digital.

It’s a close race, but does anyone know where switch 3 is supposed to be set to use with the Direct Stream DAC? The manual and e mails to the company aren’t much help.
Has something to do with the master clock I think. Both positions sound good, but different.