Should I go BHK 300

The thing is I already had the primo preamp in the chain, when I got the nu-vista 800. I was trying to sell the primo when the bike opportunity appeared. Never looked back.

I can tell you that the alps pot in the primo was a more linear volume control than the one in the nuvista.

That said, the word that got stuck in my memory to describe the nuvista sound is: fun. The nuvistor sounded different than a traditional tube stage.

I hope you are having fun with your nuvista as well.

The BHK preamp has tubes as well which provide a great sound signature. Had a Nuvista M3 integrated and can say the BHK Preamp and BHK 300s are on another level. Then again one should expect this level of performance gain going from an integrated to a preamp and mono amplifiers.

You might be right in that regard. I think the M3 was supposed to be the last of the Nu-Vista series, but Antony Michaelson happened to find a new source of army surplus nuvistors. The Nu-Vista 800 is based on the Titan mono block topology (their top of the line amp for a time) which is a different beast from the M3. I’m sure the BHKs sound real nice in your system (I listened to them a bit while at PS Audio a few years back with the IRSVs - yummy sound).

Love this amp (upgraded from the M6 500i). Who knows, maybe someday I might try going the route of separates (maybe try the BHKs), but at the moment I do not see a need.

BHK 300 owner for 4 years & couldn’t be happier so my question is an academic one: power ratings are specified at 1kHz; what are the power ratings into 2, 4 & 8Ω’s from 20-20KHz? & what are the distortion levels?

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Here are Stereophile’s measurements: clicky

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Atkinson’ power/distortion measurements are at 1kHz not 20-20kKhz

I’ve had BHK300’s since 2018 and I still love them. I’ve had a CAT MBX600.2 And now an Audio Research amp. Both had something to offer but none have beaten the BHK’s. They are just an exceptional amp. Still keepers, I just like trying other amps.



No apology necessary. I appreciate your effort to help.

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