Show Us Your Rack!

What is the kit that is front and center (at the top)? A phono-amp?


Concert Fidelity CF-80 LSX2

Currently with the Sonotone (Siemens) chrome plate 12au7’s which were a, very appreciated Christmas gift



Thought you’d never ask!

I have 3/4" solid copper rod w/ copper washers and nuts combined with Baltic birch ply shelving. The turntable shelf is a 3" thick slab of Baltic birch ply with a hollow recess that holds 20 lbs of copper BB’s in a bath of mineral oil for dampening.

I’m not crazy about the wings I installed later for the Mac Mini (DC PSU modified) with a matrix spdif 2 hiding in the shell of an old mac mini.

It’s a solid rack. The dampening and the high mass copper rods reduce vibrations to the Technics SL-1200G Grand Class to the point where I can thump on the shelf below pretty hard and the sound does not transfer to my Hama Umami Blue MC cart when playing.

Since 2019 when I joined the HiFi family here I’ve been inspired by so many discussions and forum members. Getting into this hobby again has helped me weather some nasty storms the past 5 years.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to this community for allowing me to be a part of it!



Very nice and well thought out.
I’m sure they didn’t give the copper threaded rods away. :thinking:

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Funny you should say that. I had searched online in 2019 and found that the 0.75"-10 Copper Threaded Coarse Rod 110 36" Length was going for $4.77 each!!! I called to make sure that the price was accurate, the sales tech verified they were and I paid $38.16 plus tax for 8 pieces - shipping was $52. It must have been an error! One piece is listed at $202.80 ea. in the website today!

I was tempted to order as many as they had in stock, but couldn’t bring myself to be so ruthless.

Kind of an ugly story, I know. My conscience is a little clearer having at least called them before placing the order.



Very cool.

Love the “out riggers”…

Are these “acoustically functional” or just there for aesthetic purposes?:

Screen Shot 2024-01-01 at 3.03.56 PM

Thanks in advance.


Yeah, they became necessary due to adding components…

They are likely faux-functional. They are aluminum 3D tiles in a wood frame. I have played around with the placement and I did find that they seem to diffuse a bit. I think they improved sound a bit in my small high ceiling room. OF course, I’m not going to make that claim anywhere close to the ASR forum! :slight_smile:

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BTW, wouldn’t the FR10’s fit perfectly right where the Tannoy REVOLUTION XT 8F’s are right now?!

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Just what I was thinking…maybe FR20’s though. :wink:

Those Tannoys have got to be feeling a little self conscious.

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Seeing some of the beautiful DIY racks I almost wish I would have considered something different but I’m pretty happy with the Pangea setup. I already had one rack so adding a second was inexpensive.
I went the other direction though and reduced the overall height by moving the top shelf to the bottom by sandwiching it between the bottom tube and foot. This traded the 8-1/2 shelf for short shelf on one side for a power conditioner and a Pangea accessory drawer on the other.


Here’s how I had mine set up when I first got them nearly 7 years ago.


does anyone have more PSA gear?

if not, you deserve a freebie


I never considered doing that. I’ve been thinking of removing a shelf to shorten the height of my Pangea but this way I’m not giving up a shelf in the process.

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The Pangea shelves are really a bargain and look good too.

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And the design is highly adaptable.

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Wowsers! Now this looks great! Best looking rack I’ve seen in a while.

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Have you done anything to protect the copper from oxidation?

Good question. I like copper particularly for it’s patina. In this case the natural darkening of copper is something I encourage, so thus far I’ve not protected it. I do keep an eye out of the corrosive type of patina (blue & or green), but the dark oxidation is just fine.

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