Shubert - Recommended Recording?


I have no Shubert. Any recommendation for “best” piano recordings? HD preferred but music quality/performance preferred over hi rez.

Bruce in Philly


My recommendation and the recordings are good (to my ears).


Schubert: Piano Sonatas D.840; 850; 894 (Paul Lewis) Double CD Harmonia Mundi
plus Impromptus D899 and Klavierstucke D496

Every now and again a recording comes along that makes you want to dance in the street, handing out copies to complete strangers. This is one of those instances. --Gramophone (Record of the Month)


I like The White Album
Hope that helps
Your friend and mine


Thanx guys, I ordered both. Before I listen, I first must spell the guy’s name correctly.

I don’t care for Schubert’s White Album… he was near giving up playing altogether and his closest friend and collaborator married some art nut case and she was driving a wedge. His White Album is a disjointed mess.

Bruce in Philly