Shunyata Venom Power Cable Question

I have the Marantz Model 30 integrated arriving in a few days. It’s has some sort of IEC power cable connector on the back that has the ground built into it. The connector on the amp doesn’t have the typical 3 prong, just 2 prongs. Is it safe/ ok to use my Shunyata Venom on the Model 30 even though the amp doesn’t have the ground prong?

I called Marantz and after a 1 hour wait, got a 420 type guy who said it was ok, but I wasn’t inspired by his presentation. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

Yes. The Marantz is double insulated and thus doesn’t require safety ground.

My Anthem AVR is the same.

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Does that mean it’s ok to use a Shunyata power cable that has the ground?

Wasn’t sure if I have to find a special power cable that doesn’t have the ground built in.

Yes, it’s no problem. The ground simply won’t be connected in the IEC. This is how Marantz designed it to be. I looked at the specs and it’s triple layered. There is no safety ground. It guarantees no ground loops.


Super. Thank you.