Silent Angel I2S

Well just hooked up my Silent Angel M1T to my Stellar Gain Cell via I2S. No issues…playing great!
I have the M1T optically isolated from the network dirty side, sounds amazing!


Welcome @grb3616 !

Welcome to the forum grb3616! Tell us more about your system, or possibly share a photo or two.


Very nice set-up. In addition to the two pair of KLH speakers I think I see a pair of Betsy open baffle speakers driven by a pair of Decware ZEN SE84UFO3 mono-blocks SET amplifiers.

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Good eye!

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I just moved on from Decware, driving my Pure Audio Project Trio 15 Classics. Went from the ZEN SE84UFO25 and SE84UFO with anniversary mod to a Pass Labs XA-25.


I was playing with the Mytek gear in the middle - I set up the Brooklyn amps to Bi-amp the Elac’s. I wanted to try the Silent Angel M1T into the PS Audio gear across I2S. I never used that before, but as it works great, I can now have the M1T as and input to the McIntosh gear and PS Audio gear. When I got the Silent Angel M1T, I got a Media Convertor and a switch with SFP slot. I bring the “dirty” side into the convertor via Cat6 then across to the switch via fiber so I have a optically isolated clean side. The switch I power with a 5V linear power supply instead of a SMPS wall wart.

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Getting about time for me to sell off some gear! These are out of rotation right now.


While I play and collect CDs and digital format in general I am at heart a “Vinyl Guy”. Digital is more of a convenience for me. Had I not gotten heavily into jazz on LPs in the 70’s it may have ended up different. Nice system you have there! Btw there are a pair of Decware Tiny Tots available on the PSA Marketplace.

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That photo takes me back, Large Advents with the scrambled egg tweeters. Is that a Dynaco Integrated Amp and a McIntosh tube amp on the bottom? I’m attempting to sell off much of my older gear that has been out of rotation for some time. I need to thin the herd as they say.

Me as well. Never was real big on digital but it’s come a long way.
I am more pure analog as well, when I am not doing anything but when company is over or just listening background during the day - digital is so easy!

It’s an updated Dyanco PAS made by a guy in Coweta, Oklahoma and a Bob Latino ST-70 (this one was made and signed by Bod before he retired).


As you are new to the PS Audio Forum you may want to check out the What are you Spinnin’ thread where members share music that they are actually listening to. If you are into jazz there is Strictly Jazz Sounds. There also is a Classical Music Thread, Prog, and Zappa. I’m sure I have forgotten some. You will find aa great group of people within this community, helpful and courteous, with a sense of humor only an Adiophile can truly appreciate. Again welcome to the forum!


@grb3616 , what is the input DV voltage of the M1T? Their website doesn’t list, or I missed it. Thanks!

My question was about I2S connection to my PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell.

The pinouts show the same but I have read some comments about it not working.


The power supply voltage to the M1T is 5 volts.

It is connected right now to my PSAudio Stellar Gain Cell and works.

I want to connect the Iris to the PS Audio on the I2S input and as your manual shows the same pinout as the M1T & what I found for PS Audio, it should work as the M1T works on the Stellar Gain Cell.

I have not but connected the Iris to the Stellar Gain Cell as of yet because I had read in some forums that is doesnt work.

Do you know if the Iris works I2S with the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell?


I don’t own an Iris, so unfortuantely can’t answer your question. Reason I asked mine is I’m looking at what custom PSU I can use if I’m buying the M1T.

The M1T uses 5Vdc. I got the F1 power supply from Silent Angel for mine. Teddy Pardo Audio also makes good linear power supplies.

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