Silent server with Debian Jessie and JRiver MC


Hello music lovers,

I own a DirectStream DAC and decided to build my own silent server based on a Streacom FC10 housing.

Specs/details: Asus CS-B motherboard, Intel i5 processor, 8 GB internal memory, 3x Samsung 840/850 SSD

I installed Debian Jessie (minimal, only gnome-core) and JRiver MC and tweaked the server for optimal SSD performance, minimal startup time and stability. I wrote a manual for a complete clean installation of the software.

Startup time is 8 s. I used 1 SSD for the operating system and 2 SSD’s (a total of 3 TB) for music files. It operates headless and connects with my iMac via VNC (remote desktop) and Samba. The server automatically shuts down at 01:00 (configurable).

There are no moving parts in the server!

The motherboard has 2 lan connections. One lan connection is for my home network, the other (Intel) connection is for a direct link to the Bridge II of the DirectStream DAC. This lan connection is auto-mdi/mdix, so you dont’ need a cross cable. Selecting a playlist and disconnecting my lan home network while the music keeps playing proves that the server streams data directly to the Bridge II.

I’m very satisfied with the way things work at the moment: I switch on my Krell S-550i, push the button of the silent server, grab my iPad (and maybe an espresso) and enter the sweet spot. On the iPad activate JRemote, select a song and there is music …

At the moment I’m using the Streacom power supply, so there may be improvement with a better power supply.

My Magnepans 1.7 deliver a very detailed, wide soundstage and very “controlled” bass (especially since Torreys). The background is very, very “dark”. More than ever are (female) vocals responsible for goosebumps!

Do you want to know more? Just ask.

Best regards,




Very attractive unit. Congratulations and thank you for posting! I really like the passive cooling arrangement.



Really awesome! Thanks for sharing!


+1. Very cool.


Wybe nice work, thanks for sharing! Would you be so kind to provide part list and rough price for the components together?



Housing Streacom ST-FC10S 300 euro

Power supply Streacom ZeroFlex 240 140

Motherboard Asus CS-B 160

Processor Intel Core i5 4690T 240

Memory Kingston 8 GB HyperX Fury Black 45

Samsung SSD (small, for OS) 100

SSD’s for music files ?

Cabling etc. 20

I choose an i5 4690T because it is a powerful processor with only 45 W thermal design power.

The passive cooling of the Streacom housing can handle 95 W, but I wanted to be on the safe side.


Excellent work, Wybe!! I used one of the slimmer Streacom cases myself; I love the look but it is a little limiting in terms of space. I think going with two NICs is a very good idea. Any specific reason for why you went with Debian Jessie? I have used various builds of Linux mint as well as stripped-down windows installs; can’t say I heard a major difference, but then I didn’t really compare back-to-back.


I definitely wanted to use JRiver with JRemote and the OS had to be rock solid with a minimum amount of background tasks and requests for updates. So I decided to learn about Linux and found out that JRiver “officially” only supports Debian. It is not the most user friendly distribution, but it is rock solid! For every issue I encountered, I also found a solution on the many Linux/Debian forums.