Hi living in the UK the mains tends to stay within spec, but we stil tend to get 250v ac on a regular basis.

My system of 2x Devialet le 200’s, Ps audion cd/dvd transport,Melco N1A, Beonick W8’s plus back up drives, buffalo drive for ripping Apple air, all run via the mains by an Airlink 5kva Balanced transform, recently wire with Furutech FP-TCS21 Mains Power Cable via MK unswitched sockets, all earthing stared configuration,protection bt RCD (double pole) and Fast responce DP MCB. Now your think %kva for the transform is over kill, but before the Devialets i had 3x Meridian 557 power amps.

Now my queastion, in your opinions would adding a PS Audio power plant improve on what i have, i’ve a chanch of a secondhand Power Plant Premium, would this help.

I’ve never had the chance to listen to any Power Plants and being disabled i’m extereamly limited to being to get out to audition these.

So i’m asking you for your advice, and if any of you might have one to sell, ok very cheaky but one has to try.

All answers will be welcome what ever you have to say

Thanks for looking


I am sorry to see no one replied.

One of the benefits of a Power Plant, is that you can set the out going voltage, and it will always output that exact voltage. I’m in the USA, years ago electricians would refer to our wall outlets as 110 and 220. Now it is 120, my guess is that years ago, the power company wasn’t getting close to the 120v spec. Or maybe it was something else. Anyway, I now have 126v, on a regular basis. So seeing as my P300 defaults to 117v, probably due to other areas of the country. But for my preamp, DAC, tuner, and transport, I set my 4 outlet P300 to 120v of pure clean power.

So if you are concerned about the voltage coming in, you can lower it, plus get the benefits of clean regenerated power. I would call your PSA distributor, and let him know you are looking for one. He may have someone wanting to go from a P5 to a P10. If a P5 is large enough to cover your needs, he can make two sales.

Since you are already using a 5Kva isolation transformer (something like this : 3PTS05455 - 3P+N Isolating Delta Star ) which i guess is constant 240v out a PP (or P5, P10) might not do much. In general The UK has better domestic power supply than the USA.

Give it a little longer and someone who lives in the UK and reading the forums might chime-in / offer to assist by bringing one over to let you try. Also as @jeffstarr says - contact the local PS Audio stockist and ask if they could arrange a home demo.

In my case I’m using a P10 but it didn’t hugely improve my system sound over powering all equipment through my dedicated power circuits.

Btw - there is nothing wrong with larger power supplies - my last two stereo amplifiers had respectively 2.5Kva and 5Kva power supplies onboard.

I would disagree with Frank and here’s why. The main benefits of a Power Plant aren’t steady voltage, but lowered impedance. Even the steadiest voltage in the world is still connected to our homes through miles of wire and that wire has resistance and when you draw current through it the voltage fluctuates to the music. The Power Plant fixes that.

Your isolation transformer makes the impedance problem worse.