Silverstone 2023 So Far (I have Audio Related Stuff - for the Audio Pages

Having a blast with my Son in both London & Milton Keyes. Sorry that don’t have time for a meet ‘n’ greet with @Dirk , @joma0711, & a few other Forum members. My Son has learned to drive on the right side of the road now. But it’s not my “cup of Tea”.

Just some random pics


My wife did a road racing driving course at mid-Ohio race course for our anniversary. She got to take it into three-digit territory on the big track and learned a TON about braking control on the small skid-pad track. She loved it.


We hope do something like that once my Son’s Camaro is up and running again Mike.

Watching my left handed Son drive on the “wrong side” of the road was nerve wracking but I won’t do it.


You picked a good day for it (hint - heavy rain due - after all, it is Britain!) - Pics look cool, have a grand time :slight_smile:

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The F1 cars are simply the most awesome machines on the planet. I have always been in awe of them since I started watching Jackie Stewart back in the day.


I miss the sound of the normally aspirated F1 engines. I wish the works teams would develop battery/hybrid technology for public road vehicles and leave the F1 engines N/A.


In the early 2000’s I took my son to Maranello. Our trip was unforgettable. The Ferrari folks couldn’t have been nicer to us. And when they started the F1 car on the test track, it was like an enormous thunder clap that seemed to draw the whole town to the fence.


Thank you all for the generous comments. What a Qualifier turned Race in Q3 today. Yes we are avid Lewis fans but Lando Norris’ finish today was the stuff of Legends (I might be overdoing it). Hope that he continues this tomorrow. Our Hearts want Lewis on the top Podium but our Brains are telling my Son & I…lets see.

BTW…Today we were in both shaded (F1 Practice) and uncovered (F3 Sprint & F1 Qualifier). We experienced 4 Seasons of Arizona like Weather (Overcast/Rain/Damp/Cold/Sunshine Blue Skies with very little humidity).

Sorry for the crappy iPhone 12 pics. My Wife’s Canon with Tele lens stays with her. I never have a photographic eye.

A round of applause for the Zamboni Drivers (ok ok…you know what I mean). Unsung Hero’s of the weekend IMHO.

Lewis when he was still within the top 5

For @umiami91 :slightly_smiling_face:


would like to see an all out race of the trucks in first pic

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You may not realise it but they do have truck racing at Brands Hatch. It’s always at the end of the season and will be the last race of the day. It’s mighty impressive watch 1500bhp cabs driving around treating each other as though they were in gokarts. I didn’t go this year and the opening lap was red flagged. Watch this:

British Truck Racing Championship 2023 at Brands Hatch Red Flag Crash - YouTube



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