My Kids are taking me to the Isle of Man TT for a birthday present

WOOT ISLE OF MAN TT - I will actually be there in june :slight_smile: Real bucket list item. That combination of guts and skill should be very impressive to see in person.


Very Cool! Great Kids Too!
Caught this a couple of weeks ago.

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Been there three times and it´s absolutely breathtaking. But get back home healthy, nothing else matters!

There is no more insane road race.

Nice! Are the kids into bikes also or do they just get Dad?

Best gift ever! Now, I’ve got to have a serious talk with my kids. Paid for a big chunk of their college tuition so it seems quite “reasonable” to me!

Plus the pub scene is probably worth the experience too.

Daughter rides, Son not so much. Taught my daughter how to ride after we moved here. 45 mins away from tail of the dragon and a bunch of other great roads so she got the bug pretty fast. :slight_smile:


That is so friggin cool. What a present of a lifetime!

Loves me some Tail of the Dragon. It just takes a few hours to drive from out east.