Siting my Quad 2905s

I mentioned previously in a Systems thread that I had reinstalled my 2905s and still needed to accurately place them in their new positions.

I started that last nite while my friend was here… It took the second attemp to decide to use the pair of surplus speaker-spike bars I had and where to place the original Quad stability weights.

I have lots of Wagner isolation pads…

…along with cut-cardboard spacers to use atop the carpet… With the thick steel plate on the bottom, I expect it’ll take a stack of two pads under each end of the bar and maybe three under the rear corners.

Here’s where to get the Wagner pads.

Don’t expect soft, squishy things.

And here’s where to get the bars and spikes.


Best of luck with the set-up. Ten years ago I was setting up their predecessor, the 989 in my apartment. That was a much simpler model structurally. Basically get’em upright, pointed in the right direction, sit, and listen. :slight_smile:

TY. The major parts of the system are simpler than they look, it just has three parts… Have spent a couple hours this aft removing a pair of speaker cables and two pairs of interconnects from the bundles. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of castors on outriggers to assist in setup/positioning then changing to feet.
I think Wilson & also B&W 800 do something similar.
I also love Peter Walker’s comments about the 57s - get them about 14” off the floor - anything will do, like a beer crate. Pity we don’t still have beer crates, squishy cardboard beer cartons don’t work.
My take on getting the Quads up a bit in the accompanying picture.

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Got moderately ambitious yesterday–it’s too damned hot to go outside!–and finished the siting project and then reorganized the cable after removeing four coils of stuff–2-each pairs of ICs and speaker cables from the bundles and coils:

The backend of the system looks somewhat neater now.

The coil of gray cable behind the center amp are all speakercables for the four pairs of surround and ceiling speakers; it is a movie system, after all. :grin:

Got all the pads installed…

…and set the two distances to within about an 1/8-inch.

I’m rather proud of myself for getting this physically challenged oldfart off his butt and doing something useful inbetween tending my home-hospice wife.

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